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Shark – Wrong Perception

The word shark refer to something dangerous, whenever we hear the word shark we make two pictures in our minds, one is of water and the other one is of something dangerous. It may be because of less research in this field that these beliefs are strengthened in our minds.


The investigation done by ISAF an abbreviation of International Shark Attack File conclude that out of 96 shark attacks, 62 are unprovoked and 16 are considered as provoked attacks. We might unaware that more than 470 species of sharks are evolved out of which only four are dangerous to some extent. These include oceanic white tip, tiger, great white and bull sharks.

The above cool photos taken deep beneath the surface of the Bahamas, it shows two unlikely creature shares some good and celebratory moments. Both creatures are quite close without any protective shell, which shows most of us have wrong perception about sharks.

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