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Victoria Falls

Swimming in water fall is simply impossible, but the above picture shows a man on top of the water fall looking quite comfortable without having a fear that if someone fell down from such an height it may lead to death or some very serious injurious. These cool photos were captured in Victoria Falls located in Southern Africa without using any camera technique.

Victoria falls

Victoria Falls is 354 ft tall and having 1,708m in width. Victoria Falls ranked as the world’s largest sheet of falling water first discovered by David Living stone in the year of 16 November 1855. David Livingstone was Scottish explorer and missionary who was later consider as the first European to view Victoria Falls.

The top of the Victoria Falls equip with the natural rock pool which was also known as Devils’s pool. Starting from September and till the end of December the water level is quite low as compared to other months. Low water level allows you to swim without having fear of falling down.

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