9 Most Amazing Brochure Designs You Have Ever Seen

If you are designing your business brochure and looking for ideas? These are the most amazing brochure designs ideas you have ever seen.

Most Amazing Brochure Designs

A brochure is actually a piece of a paper that needs to be eye catching and really attractive so that it can attract the customers from its color combinations and its unique designing. Here are some of the best brochure designs below:

9. Criminology and Criminal Justice Brochure

An Australian University, Griffith was looking for an outstanding brochure of Criminology and Criminal Justice for the high school students to graduate.

For that purpose, a local Australian ad agency was given a task to make an amazing brochure design for the university, the agency comes up with totally new ideas of reinventing the wheel, they have totally changed the concept of traditional brochures and add some tools which are helpful in the field of Criminology.

This brochure was later on added in the list of most amazing brochures design list.

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8. Snowboarding Brochure

The human mind can bring much innovation, whether it’s a piece of paper, I mean brochures, here is another example of brochure design, it is called show boarding brochure.

You can fold this brochure from both sides in a way that you can reduce its size up to 20×25 cm, which is quite amazing. This brochure design was made by the snowboarding company and the idea behind this brochure was created in an amazing way.

7. Pop-up IKEA Brochure

Everyone is familiar with the IKEA brand which is popular because of its unique idea and innovative in its product. As the company is known for its innovation so they also have to bring innovation while designing their brochures.

It will be very hard to believe that IKEA, bring real innovation in designing its brochures by adding 3D touch to traditional brochures. Below are the pictures of this 3D brochure design, you can see when you open this brochure all of the furniture in the room pops up.

3D brochures are quite expensive and take much time in designing, printing and later on cutting, but it will leave a very unique impact on a customer’s mind. This IKEA’s brochure was later on included in the top most brochure designs.

6. The Fortune Teller Brochure

It’s all upon you that how much innovation you can bring into your product, whether it’s a little brochure or an Aircraft. Below is another example of brochure design which was published by the company play in an exhibition of Asian Art in Blackburn City in England.

They have turned a simple brochure into a Chinese fortune teller, in that way I hope they will be successful to achieve the goal that people will retain their brochures for a longer period of time.

5. The World’s Smallest Brochure

An Ad agency of Denmark Uncle Gary is holding a record for creating the world’s smallest brochure in the world. Now this is really a unique idea to get the attention of people from all over the world.

Its human psyche to discover the hidden things and I think almost everyone who know about one of the brochure designs must get it and try to see the what is written inside it.

Being the world’s smallest brochure, many people will keep this brochure through out their life. The side of this brochure is 5 x 10 mm only and it can read via microscope only. The story behind creating this smallest brochure was that, the company had to give the information about the molecule and as the molecules are small in size so they tried to create a thing which is smaller.

4. 3D Game Pop- up Brochure

If we go back to 90s, then no one could even think about such kind of amazing brochures. This is another type of 3D brochure design which was introduced by Konami company.

Their idea behind creating 3d brochure was to promote the gaming industry. You can see the images below when you opened brochure, you’ll see the characters of the game in 3D PopUp which feels that you are now in the game. This idea was highly appreciated worldwide and because of its uniqueness this 3D brochure design is in the top most amazing brochures list.

3. Cougar Boots Brochure

An Ad agency Blammo created a brochure for Cougar Boots and the concept was quite amazing as these brochure designs were placed in the park and hiking areas in Canada.

The interesting thing about this amazing brochure is that these brochures were waterproof and cold proof. Although that brochure one of the expensive brochures we have ever seen, but Cougar Boots got the attention of the customers worldwide.

2. The Zapping Village Brochure

After creating such types of brochures, one should appreciate the ad agency for launching such kind of amazing brochures.

The Zapping Village Brochure was created by an ad agency Zapping M&C Saatchi.

1. Red Bull’s flight

This brochure is one of the top most amazing and beautiful brochure design we have ever seen. The idea behind this brochure was to show Red Bull Air Race World Championships in New York.

Top most paper engineers were hired for completing this brochure. This brochure is one of the most amazing and expensive brochures.

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