9 Weirdest Fights That Will Blow Your Mind

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Fighting between feuding sides has remained to a worrying trend in the world. Up to date, there have been thousands of fights which have been fights published.

Weirdest Fights That Will Blow Your Mind

Fighting is fighting, but there are those fights that have left the world in huge shock because of the impact they have so far left. Below is a list of top 9 weirdest fights in history.

9. The Pastry War

A debate between the dog and the dog has been raging on for some time now. But this has been of course a stepping stone of a conflict that has already been there. In this episode, a pastry war seems to have ignited and ended due to the destruction of the pastry’s shop.


In just a summery; there was a complaint from a French pastry chef who was staying in Mexico. His complaint was directed to king Louis-Philippe that there was much destruction to his pastry shop during the Mexican civil war like ten years earlier. Annoyed, the king decreed for 6000,000 pesos to be given to their citizens. Due to the fact this amount was deemed huge, Mexico decided to escalate the war between the two countries. This brief war came to an end in March 1839 when England interfered and convinced Mexico to pay the money and at the same time the French withdrew from the war. This episode is by no means one of the weirdest fights that you won’t miss to listen and watch.

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