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9 Weirdest Fights That Will Blow Your Mind


3. The “Niggardly” Debate

There was much uproar when David Howard, a white assistant to a black Mayor, Anthony Williams, when he used the word “niggardly” to refer the current budget. Though this term “niggardly” is highly offensive and won’t be published, it was also linguistically unrelated to what he was referring.

The “Niggardly” Debate

He tried to defend himself regarding the use of this term but due to public pressure demanding his resignation, he later on resigned from his position. However, his recognition elicited various reactions from various quotas. Other felt that he was wrongfully forced to resign. He was later on reinstated to his position, but he was still left feeling that his actions had led to a national debate regarding racial abuse- and this is what makes this episode one of the weirdest fights.


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