7 Amazing Steps to Care for Small Dog Breeds

Small dogs like Maltese and Pomeranian needs more care compared to big dogs. Here are some amazing steps to care for small dog breeds.

Steps to Care for Small Dog Breeds

Caring a small dog breed needs a lot of hard work and commitment. However, small dog breed adapts quickly to different environments and lifestyle so you don’t need to worry breeding them. Besides requiring special attention, it is also best suited to living in apartments than its large breed counterpart.

If you have a question concerning the care you should give your small dog breed, a veterinarian can help you answer your question.

1. Food Provision

A Small dog breed needs high quality foods. This small dog breed has a smaller stomach than a large dog breed. Therefore, to ensure that your breed grows healthy and stronger, provide it with small meals with proper nutrition. Use an automatic feeder where necessary to control the amount of food that it eats. These feeders also ensure that the dog eats small quantity of meals regularly.

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2. Teeth Caring

You will find that this small dog breed is more susceptible to dental problems. Ensure that you brush its teeth regularly at least once a week. You can purchase special toothbrushes that are ideal for small dog breeds. These brushes remove the hidden bacteria making teeth cleaning easier. You can also feed your small dog breed with foots that help clean the teeth.

3. Toying

Small dog breed likes playing with toys. It may have a small body but they may have more energy than you think. Allow it enough playtimes daily to ensure it doesn’t get bored. As the adage goes ‘All work and no play make Jack a dull boy’ so to the dogs. Buy many toys for your dog and ensure they are durable since dogs use craws and teeth when playing with toys, and this makes them to tear and wear easily.

4. Safety

Make sure that the surrounding is safe for your small dog breed. Keep it in a gated area or cage that is a way from visitors or activity areas. This is to minimize accidents and injuries since small dogs are very playful all the time. You should construct this place in a way that should keep them not only safe but also to keep them warm when they are heated. Teach your family members or visitors to understand that when your dog is kept in a secure place, they are safe.

5. Dressing Your Puppy

You should dress your small dog when you go out for a walk during cold days. A small dog breed is susceptible to cold weather. Make sure that you purchase winter dressing designed to be worn by small dogs during winter seasons. Ensure that its feet are clear of any ice or snow that comes in contact with them.

6. Treatment

When a small dog breed is given maximum care and protection, it tends to live a long time. You should prevent arthritis from attacking it. There are many health care products available in the market to help keep your dog comfortable if it develops this condition. The commonly used products are aspirin. A heated bed can also serve for this purpose.

7. Bottom line

Caring a small dog breed sometimes can be a tedious thing to do, but it is an exciting activity too. It is an exciting venture that does not require a lot of resources. Though challenging, you can download ‘A Guide to Breeding Your Dog’ manual from AKC website to help you to care your small dog breed.

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