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10 Amazing Fish Markets in the World


7. The Green Fish Markets

Fish Market

The Green market is actually a tiny fish market which is located on a tiny shed; this is the best fish market which is all sustainable all the time. The Green market is actually attached to Kruger’s Farm market on the Southeast and from the other side it is attached to Grand Central Bakery so it’s more like a one stop block for some local dinner. It’s the fish market which a lot of fish kinds are sold but besides this there is a wide variety of the local organic products like grass fed, milk, cheese and eggs are also available here in the fish market. This market is owned by the second generation of Lyf GilderSleeve and his wife whose name is Natalie, this is the family who actually runs this spot and offers the individuals with personalized services  24/7 with the assurance that they are having the most responsibly harvested fishes.


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