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10 Great Inventions by Youngest Inventors of All Times


10. Becky Schroeder

AGE: 10

Coming up with one of great inventions, Becky Schroeder invented the Glo-sheet in 1974 and become one of the youngest inventors, she invented while doing her math homework in her mother’s car. As it was getting dark, she couldn’t see her paper.

Becky Schroeder Glo Sheet

She didn’t have flash light and didn’t even want to turn on the car’s inside light as the whole car would lit up. She thought it would be good if she could light up her paper somehow. She took out her glow in the dark Frisbee and with some investigations she found out that it is phosphorus that makes objects glow in the dark.

She experimented with phosphorescence paint, spreading it over the papers. She experimented by spreading the paint over a clipboard and clipping a paper over it. With further experiments and modifications, she finally developed her invention and named it “the glow sheet”. She is the youngest female ever to receive a U.S patent.

Invention is not something that comes with great talent and dedication. But what has remained to baffle people from all generations is the fact that when it is generally believed that one can invent something after years of experience and education, other while at their tender age and relatively low education could still come up great inventions that have ever remained amazing.


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